Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lacy Confections and Moving

I'm getting the urge to knit lace again. I have lots of softly spun fingering weight yarns that I'd originally intended for socks that would make some lovely lacy scarves. I'm thinking Montego Bay, Feather and Fan, Ostrich Plumes, etc etc etc.... I think I need some lacy scarves.

I also have a small stash of some pretty incredible laceweight yarn. The Plucky Knitter and Jade Sapphire Cashmere anyone!? I also have some heathery plum Knit Picks merino lace that I've always coveted. Alpaca with a twist merino/silk rounds it out. It's all just sat quietly in the far depths of my stash for quite a while. I have had NO desire to work up some lacy goodness but it's starting to come back to me.

Of course, at the moment it's all boxed up and added to the growing inventory of the rest of our belongings in boxes. My knitting books are far taped up and ready to go, too. So my current WIPs will have to suffice until we settle down again. I did snag a ball or two of sock yarn for emergencies. (haha)

Lately I've been selling a portion of my stash on Ravelry. I've gotten pretty good money, too! The goal was just to get stuff out that's been marinating too long and I've really given up on. Like the Noro Kochoran that I had... I loved the colors. I did use one hank to make a hat, but I had a sweaters-worth of this stuff and as a friend put it once, it just seemed too... beastial to wear.

The stash money I'm using for.... more stash enhancement of course! There's nothing better to liven up a stash than new stash yarn ONCE IN A WHILE. It's a rare thing around here that I just get to wander around the internets and buy pretty things without a purpose. Well, let me just say I have two packages on their way here right now with more sock yarn goodies.

Right now I'm looking for a simple fingering weight cowl pattern. I literally want to knit a plain stockinette tube in the round until I run out of yarn. I'm having a hard time finding a stitch count and I'm too busy packing/staging/everything else to sit down and figure it out. Maybe 175 sts on size 4 needles? What do you think?

I haven't knit a stitch in two days. Today looks doubtful, too. Between chasing the baby around and keeping him occupied, packing, sorting, cleaning, selling 2/3 of our furniture to Craigslist folks, running around town signing things, returning books, canceling this, etc. that... by the end of the day I collapse in to bed and sleep like a rock until morning.

I did let the babe play outside yesterday which he was thrilled about! Snow up past your knees makes it real hard to tromp around outside in the winter when you're nearly two and that's how it has been for months. Sure, we did it. But you should have seen the joy on his face to be able to just RUN around outside yesterday. Fun stuff.

Today looks gloomy and wet outside. My sons are waiting for breakfast so I should get going. Have a good Wednesday!


Amy J said...

You know the stash takes up a lot of space in the moving truck. I could take some off your hands.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Good luck with moving :).