Friday, April 3, 2009

GOOD day!

First of all.... Hooray!

I'm slowly starting to thaw and warm up to the idea of adapting to our new surroundings after some serious remorse last week. I've spent the week exploring our area and have been having a blast. It's the day to day that I struggle with. I tend to save the exploring for the weekends ... I shouldn't do that.

I realized that I can't just expect my old life to just happen... and it's not going to happen without me taking some action anyway. The longer is sit at home and stay in... the more depressed I'm going to get. The keyword for me this week is ADAPT!

Today... an average Friday morning... I went for a walk along a trail that went along the ocean, foghorns, thick fog, rainstorm holding off, lighthouses, my bouncing toddler boy to keep me company... awesome. My 'average' walk is not so average anymore!

Follow it up with sushi, Whole Foods for organic mangoes (they have the best mangoes), apples, and marinated olives. Round out the day with a trip up to my favorite LYS to see Ellen and get the perfect yarn for my next project.

Wander home on back roads through the pouring rain. It's just totally wet out there... melting snow, fog, and rain... pure wet. Despite the grey day, it is a great day, too.

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imquilternity said...

I think your day sounds wonderful, but I know how difficult it is to pick up and move to a place where you know no one (or very few) and start a whole new life. You're in a beautiful place and you have a great attitude! I wish you happiness.