Monday, November 29, 2010


Look! I finished a project and I did not knit it. I took an impromptu lesson on penny rugs a couple weeks ago and have been blanket stitching pieces of wool together ever since. It's so simple and is a nice break from the knitting.

This pillow is definitely country cutesy which really isn't my style. But it's seasonal and I can stand it for the Christmas season. I'd love to work up some of my own designs. I see visions of sheep -- pumpkins -- owls -- with an artsy fresh funky feeling. I don't know when I'll get to that but it'd be fun. Until then, I'm having fun trying new kits.

There are kits galore for penny rug and applique projects online (no surprise there). I have been browsing the kits at Winterberry Cabin lately. This is the next kit I'm going to try. I also love all of the Wooly Lady applique kits... especially the pillows!

Anyway, it's been fun to find another hobby other than knitting that is still related to wool. There's just something about wool.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Ascutney Aran Hat

Size 7 needles
Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd Worsted - Sage colorway

This was a very satisfying project. The pattern is fun with many different techniques ... provisional cast on, Kitchener stitch, fun cables, double decreases on the crown. A fun project, indeed.

The YARN -- oh my word my friends -- the yarn is incredible. I am a sucker for classic worsted wool. I gravitate to it whenever I'm in a yarn store. I love it for it's versatility. It's truly the 'box of crayons' yarn of them all in my opinion. Stonehedge Fiber Mill has an amazing rainbow of colors for their Shepherd Worsted merino top and this sage green was a beauty... it was heathery and had just the slightest hint of yellow in it that just added a touch of sunshine to it. But beyond the color, this yarn is the softest worsted weight classic wool I've ever felt or knit with. Yes, obnoxiously I put that in bold face that is how much I love it. This yarn is not terribly easy to find and there aren't any yarn stores in Maine that carry it. I bought mine from a Ravelry friend. You really should seek this yarn out for yourself and enjoy it. I know you will!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Triple Seed Stitch Cowl

This cowl was pure delight to knit. I used Malabrigo Rios (Indiecita colorway) that I got on a whim at Halcyon Yarn recently. I just love this colorway and this yarn is truly squishy buttery soft.

The pattern is just my own... with size 6 needles, CO 112 sts, join in to the round being careful not to twist stitches, k1p1 for three rounds, the p1k1 for three rounds... repeat until you're close to running out of yarn. Then repeat in pattern for 2 rounds, then bind off in pattern.

I washed and blocked and this cowl got even squishier and softer! It'll be a lovely, lofty, lightweight neck warmer for a friend this winter.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Year in Pictures - Week ?

So I've gotten severely off track with my Year in Pictures project. I'm not going to try to play catch-up. I'm just going to post a couple favorites and move on. I don't think I'm going to be able to stay completely organized like I want to, but I'm still going to participate as much as I can.

We live in the woods and have exactly one neighbor. They made sure to let us know that the boys need to come Trick or Treat at their house on Halloween. They are so great at making our boys feel special and we appreciate it so much.

We have an amazing little Japanese Maple tree in our side garden. It was spectacular this fall. It turned the most perfect shade of red well after all the other trees were past their peak. It was a wonderful late fall treat. They're all gone now, but it's a nice treat to look back on the pictures.

A break in the clouds behind our house on a peaceful fall evening.

We had stuffed acorn squash for supper the other night. It was good but well... very squashy... and while I like squash, I don't LOVE it. The rice was superb though. I used Alton Brown's brown rice salad recipe and it was fantastic.

My son is growing like a weed! He already wears my shoes and they're going to be too small soon enough (probably a good thing since he looks silly walking around in my shoes) but he also can easily wear my handknit socks. I caught him rifling through my handknit sock drawer the other day looking for a pair ... my first thought was "EEEK! I need to find a new place to hide all the letters to Santa!" But then I was just so thrilled that my socks fit him. We have sorted out all of the 'boyish' handknit socks that I have for him to borrow for a while. It won't be long at the rate he's growing but hopefully we can get through the winter.

On a side note, I don't think he believes in Santa anymore but we sort of have this 'wink wink' agreement about Santa. He knows that he has to keep it alive for his brother.