Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Year in Pictures - Week 1

She started it and I thought I'd play along. Happy Birthday to us!

1:365 Minestrone

9/16 -Today is my 33rd birthday. I made a big pot of minestrone (my fave) and as you can see it was messy. I have very limited counter space in this house (why does it seem like every time we move I lose counter space?!) The soup was delicious and since it was my birthday, I didn't have to clean this mess up.

2:365 Work

9/17 - I worked at the yarn shop today. I'm thrilled about this new arrangement. New faces, new friends, new opportunities. I kept thinking all day long that 'wow, I'm getting paid for this!'

3:365 Budding Artist

9/18 - Smiley faces with arms and legs are my new favorite pieces of art and are pure genius.

4:365 Ahh Lake

9/19 - It's meditative to live near a natural body of water for numerous reasons. For me it's very therapeutic to take it all in every time I'm going to and from home. Each time I drive through here, I give thanks. The leaves have changed quite a bit since I took this photo... I'll have to do a comparison shot.

5:365 Pikes Hill

Not the greatest photo but I'm going to stay true to my task at hand... it's the only photo I took today. This road is incredibly steep... I wasn't to the steep downhill yet. At the top of the hill the view is enough to cause one to get teary -- the mountains to the west, our small town in the valley below and the hills beyond. But don't get too choked up and keep that foot on the brake because it feels like it's straight downhill from here!

6:365 A Walk in the Woods

9/21 - The boys and I took a walk after school today. It was just too nice to head inside to make dinner and do homework. We can't wait for many more walks throughout the fall. The colors will be amazing.

7:365 Hopscotch

9/22 - We add a few squares every time we come outside. Since taking this I think we're up to 96.

photos taken this week: 128

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Harrisville Designs

I live with a house full of boys. Most of our weekends are filled with outdoorsy activities that directly contrast with my favorite hobby: Knitting! You won't find me complaining though because I also love the great outdoors and all the fun that we have. But this past weekend I got to choose what we were going to to totally based on what I wanted to do. So, we took a little field trip over to Harrisville Designs in New Hampshire.

The drive took about five hours one way! But the drive... ohhh... it's spectacular! We drove through the White Mountains on the Kancamagus Highway (route 112) which is just stunning. It was a route through the mountains that we have not taken before, then we went through Concord which is a charming town and eventually wound our way through the woods to the tiny village of Harrisville.

Like many villages here in New England, it was like driving in to a scene set back in time. My boys all instantly took off in the opposite direction of the weaving studio and just let me take it all in. I did just sort of wander around the shop for a few minutes. I know it's cheesy but it was a bit of a spiritual experience. I could just feel the history, the creativity, the potential, the warmth shared in craft. It was an inspired space filled with inspiring yarns.