Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Swimming lessons: day 1

Today the boys started swimming lessons! Not really something new for us -- except that lessons here are held in the lake, and not in a high tech aquatic center in suburbia. My boys took to the water like fish! I went in with the babe during his lesson to help ease his nerves and he did great... and it was the first time that I've ever stuck my foot in a lake! I was all "EEEK! and EWWWW!" on the inside but couldn't show an ounce of emotion other than joy and confidence on the outside.

Big brother absolutely LOVED swimming in the lake! I see us spending lots of time swimming in the lakes around here from now on. Out in the distance along the buoys there was someone swimming long, leisurely laps. It looked so appealing to me.... maybe.... just maybe.... I mean, I was on the swim team you know and it was my favorite source of exercise... it just looked so meditative out there on the lake under the sunshine, cruising along the rope. I'll work up to that... until then... I'll take baby steps right along with my own little duckling!


Libby said...

Hooray for swim lessons and swimming lakes. I find swimming so relaxing - despite the incredible workout. We spend a good chunk of our summer on small lakes.

Kelly said...

So cool that they take them in the lake! T has started lessons too at the pool and is having a blast. Bonus that I get to go in with her and get cooled off :)

Sarah Jane said...

I'm scared of swimming in lakes. I am impressed with your ability to hide your fear.