Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Day After!

The best present this year was the train table that my husband and older son made for the wee one. My son has accumulated lots of the wooden train tracks and various Thomas and Brio trains and accessories over the years. Well he came up with the idea to give them to his little brother for Christmas. Then my husband took it up a few notches and decided he'd build a train table.

So, two days before Christmas he comes home with a sheet of mdf and went to town. In a matter of hours he had constructed a table. Over the course of the next two days before Christmas, he and my older son worked on all of the details... they sanded, primed, painted. Then they added a full landscape on the tabletop, designed a track, added accessories, then transferred it all to the table top and glued it all down.

Until now, the babe has played with the train tables at Barnes & Noble and the Science Center, but never had experienced them at home. We've been keeping our own train collection in hiding in anticipation of giving it to him eventually. He did have one Thomas train engine which he's pretty much played with constantly since he got it a few months ago so we knew that he was going to love this.

Needless to say, the babe was a bit overwhelmed on Christmas morning when he discovered the train table. I was definitely a little weepy because my guys put so much work and TLC in to this gift for the babe. It's definitely a present we'll never forget... the whole process is what I'll never forget.


Jane said... sweet! We still pull out the train table from time to time! Merry Christmas...and I can't believe you have all your "stuff" down already!

essjay said...

So sweet - I'm glad Tommy loves them so much! I also love the afghan draped across the back of the couch - I'm sure it will get used a lot!

sUsAn said...

Awhhh....what a wonderful gift!

Wendy said...

What a fantastic gift filled with love and thought!