Friday, December 5, 2008

Warm Fuzzies

Today we had to go out of town pretty early. This meant that we needed to swing by the coffee shop for a shot of caffiene before we hit the highway. When I got to the window the clerk informed me that the car in front of us had paid for our order. In turn, I paid for the car behind me. The clerk let me know that I was the 32nd car in line to do so. I love that. It definitely kicked my day off with a smile and a warm fuzzy feeling which I really needed. 

On another note, I was just surfing Ravelry ... browsing the projects of my friends in particular. I have many many fellow knitters in my friends group on Ravelry. Of course, everyone I know and knit with in real life, then another layer of bloggers that I sort of know but only from online, and yet another layer of knitters I don't know at all ... you know how it goes... you're surfing projects of a particular pattern and come upon one stunning version. You click. You admire the knitters work. You click their name and get to take a treasured peek at their other wonders. You fall in love. You add them as a friend. Capeesh. I have accumulated many many contacts in this fashion. 

One Raveler in particular always has projects that stand out to me and I thought I'd share her with you. Her Ravelry name is LynneM. She just has a certain flair about her that I find to be so stylish. Her knitting, by the way, is also fabulous. She has knit numerous garments that are not only something to clothe you, cover you, keep you warm (the extent to my level of garment knitting)... but they're stylish, the fit is spot-on, they're subtle but full of detail. Love. She doesn't have a million projects listed, but the ones she does have I do admire. Tonight I stumbled upon one of her latest projects: mustaavillaa's Garter Ruffle Shawl. LynneM's story behind this knit is wonderful. It gave me the same warm-fuzzy feeling that I had this morning in line at the coffee shop. I think you should go read it. 

*I hope she doesn't mind that I linked to her here. Again, she's someone I don't know at all. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the rav link! I hadn't seen her projects before-wow! Have a wonderful weekend, Liz!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Love the pay it forward coffee. Great thing to do!

Twisted Knitter said...

How wild -- I think I saw that featured on CNN! It was so heartwarming to watch.

I loved LynneM's projects and what a great story about the shawl and a new friend.