Wednesday, June 24, 2009

get outta dodge!

We haven't had much 'play' time the last couple of weeks, so when today rolled around and hubby had the day off... we knew we just wanted to get the heck out of here for a while and like usual, we sure did.

Today I just wanted to find some sunshine. We've had a swirling cycle of clouds and rain sitting over us for what feels like forever and after a while it really starts to wear on us. I noticed on the radar that sunshine really hasn't been that far away. We decided to head northwest just to see some blue sky and sunshine and we did indeed find a few peeks of sun...

We drove up through North Conway, NH.... through the spectacular Presidential Range, and then continued north to Errol, NH before winding back home. I have to say that on rainy gloomy days, the place to be is in the mountains. The swirling fog and clouds are really beautiful among the mountain tops.

Today we drove through a portion of the Great North Woods of New Hampshire for the first time and WOW was it spectacular! It is just wild, open coniferous woods, rivers, streams and lakes. We didn't see a house for miles and miles. It was awesome. The best part was the sun shining brightly in between the big puffy clouds... all while making amazing shapes and shadows on the blanket of trees that covered the hillside.

In the middle of the woods, three baby bears scampered across the road in front of us! They climbed right up a tree on the other side of the road. We did not wait around for Momma bear! They were SO incredibly cute. They were so black that they looked like shadows crossing the road. We've never seen bear in the wild so it gave us quite the thrill!

Umbagog Lake

On our way home, we also saw Umbagog Lake and then Grafton Notch State Park which was just SO cool! The rain was pretty relentless though. I swear once we turned our way back toward Maine, the mist immediately started up again. New Hampshire in general was quite sunny and nice! The forecast for rain is supposed to let up for ONE day tomorrow and we may see a good chunk of sunshine. The boys and I plan on worshiping the sun by planting ourselves on the beach somewhere. We can't wait!

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