Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random Tuesday

I keep meaning to blog but never get around to it because I don't have anything too interesting planned out. So I'm just going to do a little random blog especially for my friends who keep asking if I've fallen off the face of the earth. :)
  • For the Knitting Olympics I'm not going to start a new project... until I finish a bunch of UFOs... I have a cabled pullover and stranded mittens that I need to finish first... then I'm going to begin to think about my next projects. Are you going to participate in Ravelympics or the Knitting Olympics? What are you going to knit/crochet? We absolutely LOVE the Olympics around here and are so excited to watch!
  • I'm already thinking towards spring... I'd like to knit a couple of Wonderful Wallaby hooded pullovers for my boys. I'm going to use Berroco Weekend which is a new cotton/acrylic blend. I have a soft willow green coming in the mail that I'm going to use for the babe. I'm not sure which color to use for my older son, I will let him pick out the color and I'm pretty sure he'll pick red like he always does. Here in Maine these cotton blend sweaters will come in handy all throughout spring, summer and fall.
  • The babe is going to be THREE in a few weeks. Can you believe it!?
  • Des Moines Metro Knitters is going to be FIVE later this month! The group now has over 300 members and has had almost 800 organized meetups. I haven't been in Iowa for a year, but this group will always hold a VERY LARGE special place in my heart and I've made friendships that will hold fast for a lifetime.
  • Also later this month will mark one year living here in Maine for our family... THAT is crazy, too. Where does the time go? It seems that the older I get, the faster time flies.
  • Not much else to report. I've been away from this space, but I'm still on the internets. I've been playing on Twitter a lot more than Facebook lately. Facebook just keeps growing more and more annoying to me. Plus, I don't like getting bombarded with hokey game and quiz requests. Blah! Twitter really keeps things simple and I like that. Feel free to follow me over there.
  • I've also been doing a good share of web design work... making a little money to supplement the yarn stash fund. ;) It's been fun to get in to this again.
  • I have a couple of my own web site projects that I'm working on. No details yet, but soon ... very soon! I'm very excited about them.
  • We've had almost record LACK of snowfall here in Maine this winter. We only have a couple of inches here and there and lots of bare spots. The majority of the past month has been very sunny and mild albeit cold. It's been a real treat to have streaming sunshine warm the house every day. The sun comes up before 7 and goes down just after 5 o'clock now. I've figured out that this is about 45 minutes earlier on both ends than Iowa. In the summer on the longest days, the sun is up before 5! Mainers are generally early risers. The town is really abuzz pretty early... even for such a small town that we live in now. I like this a lot.
  • We live two blocks from a clock tower and a UU church both of which chime on a regular basis. I like this a lot, too.
  • Despite living in the middle of town, it is SO dark at night. The stars are incredibly bright. Every night before bed (on a clear night) we all stand at the babe's window and look at the stars.
See? Told you it was going to be random! See you in a bit....


Anonymous said...

I'm embarassed to say - neither! I seriously considered the ravelympics but bailed. Decided to keep with my own pace.

We have one Wallaby here that was outgrown long ago. I'd definitely make another! Funny - I also used a cotton blend and that very same logic.

Julie said...

I have one poor sock that's been pining for a mate since November '07 so I'll be doing a WIP event for the Ravelympics. If I should finish that then I have plans for the camel spin and some lovely plums and berries roving. That's about as ambitious as I get this year! Good luck! I'm not generally a sports on TV fan but the Olympics is definitely an exception and I'll cram in every second I can manage (tho I'll DVR it so I can skip commercials)

Cornfed Princess said...

I will send you some Iowa snow - so very much here! I do love it, but it makes travel slightly difficult. Still better than sweating!!!

Knitting Out Loud said...

Hope you are enjoying being in Maine. I moved here from Boston and just love it! And Maine is a very wooly state, lots of good fiber here.

Susan said...

Love your post! We live a block from a Catholic church that chimes too and even plays hymns on occasion. I really enjoy it! I love picturing you and your family in that little town in Maine.

Pat said...

My plan was to knit a handspun sweater for the Knitting Olympics, but I just disqualified myself for coming out of the gate too soon - I had finished the spinning and could not wait until Friday to start - SOOOO I will be working on my non qualifying sweater - Handspun Cassidy!

Knittripps said...

I think finishing up some UFOs for the Olympics is a great idea! I should have elected to do that myself. I picked a smaller project, Ice Queen from Knitty Winter 2007 for my project.

Sarah said...

I've missed your blog. I was so happy to find a new post. I totally agree about facebook vs. twitter. I loathe logging onto facebook.

essjay said...

I hope you are making good progress on the Olympics project. The DM Metro Knitters are an amazing group of people - thank you for starting the group!