Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lace Capelet

I'm knitting this Lace Capelet from the newest Vogue Knitting (Spring/Summer 2010). I knew as soon as I saw it that it would be perfect for my Mom.

When I visited her in January, I was happy to see that she truly uses all of the things that I knit for her... is there anything better as a knitter than to see your gifts being used?

I'm knitting this shawl out of some stashed Sirdar Snuggly DK. It's the most beautiful shade of blue which I think she'll be reminiscent about. I chose this yarn because it's super soft and a high quality acrylic. I think she'll use it a lot in warmer weather. She already has several heavy and wool and alpaca shawls.

I'm curious to see this capelet take shape... It looks like the shaping comes from just going down a needle size. It is worked from the bottom up. Then a very pretty knitted border is added on afterward.

As far as new techniques go, I did my first provisional cast on. I think that my recent experience with finally figuring out how to crochet helped me grasp how to do this technique once and for all. I'm excited for the whole 'unzipping of the stitches' thing that I've always been so impressed with.

Hopefully by next week this will be in the FO category. My Mom's birthday isn't until mid-April so I have plenty of time.


thea said...

beautiful! I love the lace repeat and the gray is lovely. She's bound to loooove it.

essjay said...

The caplet is so lovely! I love it when people really use the hand knits I make them - it ensures they'll get more!

The new blog looks great!

Sigrun said...

I just bought that same magazine, and fell in love with that same cape, as well as some other things. Funny thing, I have some of the same yarn in my stash.☺☺

Rita said...

Found you...it has been awhile since you jumped around. Nice website!
Your mom will love the gift. Thanks for the birthday gift. I CAN wait to use them...LOL...I hope the snow is over with. Have a lovely spring break in FL.

Tamara said...

Oops forgot to add the link...

Tamara said...

That's lovely Liz! I am knitting something similar called the "Oriel Lace Scarf" although I did mine in burgundy and the lighter color shows off the pattern better!
I gave some really pretty dishcloths to a friend to match her kitchen and she used them to clean her cat's eyes with them. Not the purpose I wanted them to be used for but I guess once I give them away they can do with them as they want. My sister won't wear the sock I made for her for fear of ruining them. I told her that's the great thing about having a sister who knits, I can always make her more. She won't use her dishcloths either. She won't get another thing until she starts to use them! :)

This isn't my site but she has a completed scarf to show you the similarities of the pattern. So pretty!

Katie said...

That lace is looking gorgeous. Love the new site!

sUsAn said...

Oh wow. She is going to love that, Liz!