Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stagecoach Yarn Shop

Today I took a short trip to visit Stagecoach Yarn Shop in rural Manchester, Iowa.... the setting in the country is quiet and quaint. Check out the yarn art that the owner has crocheted for her property!

The interior was gorgeous. The owner had the hanks of yarn unwound and hanging on pegs... a wall of Cascade 220, a nook of Malabrigo, and shelves and cubbies full of Noro. In another room was a great selection of kid-friendly yarns, another room had a kid sitting area with chairs and books as well as a good selection of sock yarns.

There was plenty of seating both inside and out. And, the owner was very pleasant and helpful. She showed me all around her property and also pointed out a birds nest that was entirely made up of yarn! The birds had snagged off some of the yarn from her yard art and made a nest out of it. How charming!

If you're ever up for a road trip or are home for the weekend in eastern Iowa, make a point to check out Stagecoach Yarn Shop. It's definitely worth going just a little bit off the beaten path.

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essjay said...

What a lovely shop! Those are some pretty yarns you purchased there!