Monday, June 14, 2010

Tunes on Tuesday

The Planet Smashers - Change

Long ago, I was a scrawny little punk rock girl skanking around at Pearl Street in Northampton, Mass. with my future husband. We spent our days working at his pawn shop (no joke!) trying to just make enough to go to the next big show. I wore plaid pants, doc martens, bleach blonde hair with a purple streak, smoked peppermint cigarettes, and lived on dunkin donuts coffee and ketchup sandwiches. We saw just about every punk or ska show that came through for a somewhat short amount of time. Very quickly life changed with marriage, baby, reality kicking our butts. We moved to Connecticut and got on the track we're on now and haven't looked back since. Still such great memories.

Back then, this was one (of many) of my personal theme songs. I still like to crank it and sing along and pretend I'm that scrawny punk rock grrrl. Long live betty crocker punk rocker.


sUsAn said...

Love hearing about your punk life, Liz!

Carol said...

It is so funny to read about you going to Pearl Street. I have to wonder if our paths ever crossed. I saw many a show there in college!

essjay said...

What a great glimpse into your history! :) That is a fantastic song - great way to start out the morning!