Monday, January 26, 2009

Countdown to Spring

I have spring fever. Pretty crazy when it's still January, huh?! I'm probably just stating the obvious feeling that we all have but aren't willing to say because it does seem a bit crazy to start pining for spring in January. But here I am. Wishing for spring. It's a good thing that spring in Iowa is pretty fantastic... but really, it is everywhere, isn't it? Here it seems to be a bit more technicolor after the bleakness of a long, hard, cold winter. Browsing through my photos from last year, I have photos of snow coming down on April 12. That made my heart sink. But then on April 15, I have photos of a squirrel playing in the very green grass. Spring sneaks up on us here in Iowa. Winter always seems to take its last hurrah before spring finally arrives for good.

It will be here eventually. That's the great promise of spring. Eventually.


Janis said...

I remember it snowing in April and telling the weather to get on with it already. :D I do appreciate how Iowa has four seasons.

TD wool design said...

i'm thinking spring too, but won't give in. i know new england provides a hole lot of winter. hang in there.

Jane said...

I'm wishing too...but we have a long way to go still. I think the weather is going to give us a teaser in the next few days...but I still remember when it snowed on Mother's Day...blech!