Thursday, February 26, 2009

Maine Maine Maine Maine

We're finally in Maine. I just typed out a detailed recap of our crazy move out here but it's so long I decided to summarize.

- we moved ourselves, 28 foot uhaul + trailer for Eric's car, me behind in the minivan with the boys and the houseplants.
- we got lost off the interstate in the middle of the night in the mountains during a snowstorm.
- Tommy and I both had the stomach flu... on the road!
- When we finally got here on Monday morning, Maine was cleaning up after a big snow -- 25" here.
- We found a house we love and can't believe we live in Maine!
- The first night we were here we heard moose in the woods behind our house.
- Tommy and Jake BOTH got the stomach flu again once we moved in!
- Tommy got terribly dehydrated. I sat with him on my lap on the couch yesterday and we didn't move for many hours. We watched Garfield cartoons on the laptop. All I wanted to do was get my baby back to healthy. It worked. I was very worried and almost took him to the ER many times.
- Today we needed to get out of the house for a while so wandered aimlessly around the area and are just sort of in awe that we actually live here now.
- It sort of feels like we now live in a foreign country.
- I'm overwhelmed by all of the knitterly goodness here.
- I went to Whole Foods today and loved it.
- I went to Purl Diva today, met Ellen, got yarn to make felted slippers.
- The ceramic tile floor in my kitchen is VERY COLD.
- I still have no groceries in the house other than pedialite and paper towels.
- I still haven't unpacked my kitchen.
- I still have no idea where the towels and pillows are (kind of important)
- I still have no idea when things will start to feel normal again
- My house is filthy from top to bottom.
- I miss Iowa. My friends. My family. My house. A lot.
- But Maine is going to be a wonderful adventure for my family.
- I'm overwhelmed by everything but just biting off things a little bit at a time.

That is all for now.

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