Tuesday, February 3, 2009

socks socks more socks please

Can you believe I actually fell off the sock bandwagon a while ago? Well, it was short lived and I've been knitting socks at a pretty good pace lately. What helped get my mojo back? My current stash of handknit socks is dwindling fast! I'm down to nervous levels... less than two weeks worth of handknit socks. ;) I know I know. But with having several of my favorites bite the dust lately, I had to kick it in to high gear.

Here are the socks that have been retired....

1. Cascading Leaves / Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino: One has a large hole in the bottom.
2. Garter Rib / Scarlet Fleece: They've both almost worn through on the bottom. These will forever been in my sock drawer for sentimental reasons -- I wore them during my csection.
3. Child's French Socks / Apple Laine: They've become bristly scratchy and have felted a little too much.
4. Diagonal Cross Rib Socks / Dream in Color Smooshy: They've worn almost all the way through on the bottom. These aren't even a year old. Once again I'm very dissatisfied with Dream in Color. I will be making a point not to buy any Dream in Color again.

So there you have it. It's a fact of a sock's life... they will wear out. It's okay. But I'm making an effort to use more durable sock yarns with a much longer lifespan. Lately I've knit...

These basic socks using Regia Canyon Color #2800. I love this colorway and the funky striping. I haven't added a finished photo of these but they're done and are already on heavy rotation. I knit the cuff with 2x2 ribbing on size 2 needles, and the heel and foot on size 0 so they're extra tightly knit resulting in a super warm sock which is necessary around these parts. Then I knit...

These are my first stranded socks. The pattern is Laila's Socks from the book Folk Knitting in Estonia, by Nancy Bush. The pattern is super easy and really moves. I used Brown Sheep Wildfoote Luxury Sock in Vinca Minor and Vanilla. Size 2 needles. They're a smidge too big but with proper washing/drying, they'll snug up just enough. I've figured out that I LOVE knitting stranded socks! There will be many more pairs in my future. Last but not least...

These are the Journey Cable Socks by Sivia Harding. I'm knitting the size medium, fingering weight variety. I used size 2 for the cuff, size 1 for the heel and instep, and may switch to size 0 for the foot after I get past the instep.

I love the cable on this sock and how it ends on the heel flap and instep. (the photo on the right is of the heel flap). I also am loving this yarn. It's Tess' Designer Yarn Super Socks & Baby which I bought at Tess' shop in Portland, Maine this past summer. It reminds me of our trip to Maine, of Tess' technicolor shop of yarny goodness, and I love the red color. I haven't knit a pair of red socks in a long time (perhaps never). It's an enjoyable knit that's moving right along.

All of these socks that I have been knitting have a high nylon/wool ratio... at least 80/20. That means that they'll all wash well and hold up over time which makes me happy.

What's next for my sock knitting? Well, nothing too adventurous ... I'm craving another pair of Monkey Socks and I have a lovely variegated Araucania Ranco Multi that I think would be a good match. That is probably what I'll bring with me to the knitting retreat this weekend....

Yes! My group is having a knitting retreat! Amanda and Kara have been organizing knitting fun for us for months now. This is the third retreat that our group has had. They're a great time! The retreat is being held at a local hotel. We're going to knit and socialize for three days straight! What a great respite from the winter blahs. We're all so excited!

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