Tuesday, November 10, 2009

good things...

Thank you for making me feel a little better. Thanks for brightening my dark day. I appreciate you all for supporting me even on days when I'm having a major pity party. You are the best.

Now on to things that make me feel happy today...

(click to enlarge)

This sunset photo was taken at about 4:45 in the afternoon over Sebago Lake. The sun goes down so early now!

My little man is doing well. He's cruising along in school and is making progress in all areas. He's turning in to such a little dude... growing up faster than any of us realize. Even he isn't used to how big he's getting. He's a little boy in a big boy body. He's in to comic books, creating powerpoint presentations, all things lego and DS. His feet are also officially bigger than mine.

My baby isn't so baby anymore! All of the sudden he's talking up a storm. He can identify basic colors, he can count to ten, we're about halfway there with potty training. He continues to stop shopping carts and doting ladies in their tracks wherever we go... the curls, the blue eyes... they get them every time. He still sleeps in his crib and doesn't even attempt to get out of it. He sleeps like a champ and is always up for a good snuggle and a pile of books. He still calls himself Baby and tells people that is his name although he can pronounce his name now. Can you believe he'll be 3 in March!?

My Christmas cactus is about to bloom. I love this plant... my husband gave it to me as a birthday gift ten years ago. I can't believe I've kept a house plant alive that long. It makes me think of the plants my parents have had for decades. They have this one ginormous jade plant that they received as a wedding gift 33 years ago. That's crazy!

I've heard that Christmas cacti bloom when they're under stress... isn't that ironic? Mine seems to bloom this time of year and again at the end of the winter right around St. Patrick's Day. I've never transplanted it... I'm too nervous about killing it. I need to get a few starts off of it and get them going before I do that. Also -- I did knit the felted plant cozy that it's in. It was actually a failed attempt at a felted purse. I cut the top off and it fit my plant perfectly. I love it a lot.


DiscKnits said...

That's a lovely point (ha!) about the Christmas Cactus. I had never heard that. Also, I cannot believe how big your guys are getting!

And it's okay to give in to the stress sometimes. We're all here for you!

Cornfed Princess said...

Girl I hear you. There is nothing wrong with crying, stomping your feet & saying "Take me home!". I lived for 5 years in Phoenix saying the whole time, I'm not going to make it. But I did & I found joy in the small things. Remember life is short, these moments are precious & keep working on the things that you do love about being there. And if it's not the place you are meant to be you will find your way home.

FYI - we aren't settled either, don't feel bad. At least you're not living in your parent's basement! :) I subscribe to this theory: When I checked my ego at the door that's when I found out what was really right for me. Ego has been checked & I'm chilling in the basement.

Sending you lots of love & totally sympathizing!

Anonymous said...

What an AMAZING sunset picture! I understand completely when it comes to moving...my dad moved us every three years growing up. Hang in there and take joy in exploring a new place. CUTE kiddo pics!

essjay said...

That sunset picture is stunning! I love that Tommy gives his name as "Baby"!