Monday, November 16, 2009

twist love

I really shouldn't be sitting here... but here I am in the middle of moving and all I want to do is cast on about four sweaters! The new Twist Collective is out and I'm in LOVE. There are so many great designs worthy of getting excited about.

First and foremost... I'm going to cast on for Skara Brae just as soon as possible. I have some lavender Ultra Alpaca that would be perfect. This sweater is knit from the top down with some unique construction. It's heavily patterned without being bulky like mega cables.

Kirigami: again, unique construction... afterthought shoulders!? I'm intrigued! tiny stripes = big stashbuster for me. I have enough gray and red Berroco Vintage to knit this one up. I love the button detail... I would definitely wear it unbuttoned. Lovely!

Kelmscott by Carol Sunday is stunning. Knit with an angora blend... what a lovely dressy sweater this would be. This would be a good project to cast on midwinter when the winter daze has really set in.

I really like the lines of Mystere. Although I don't see the need to knit it in pieces. It'd be a cinch to knit this one in one piece. I totally want to use pearl grey Malabrigo for this one.

I also love the mittens by Veronik Avery although I probably wouldn't knit the liners. I have some Classic Elite Fresco in my stash that would work well for the outer mittens, too.

Frost Tapestry is an eye catching set of winter accessories. First of all, I tend to gravitate toward black and white, so the color combo really grabbed me. Secondly, it's stranded which I love to do. Thirdly, the cowl is steeked, which is a technique I haven't done yet and really have wanted a smaller project to do it with.

Ok! I'm outta here!


DiscKnits said...

I know! I saw that and fell in love with pretty much everything. Twist is bad for my budget.

essjay said...

There are way to many knitting patterns out there. How am I ever going to knit all the fabulousness????

Knittripps said...

I wish there were more hours in the day to knit!