Friday, October 15, 2010

Year in Pictures - Week 4


10/7 - a little out of town shopping.


10/8 - Fryeburg Fair


10/9 - I will never get tired of playing lincoln logs.


10/10 - It was gorgeous tonight. The wind finally died down and we spent a long time playing outside.


10/11 - Pardon the odd reflections -- I took this through our kitchen window. It's impossible to tell how big these turkeys are in this photo but they're huge. We have dozens that circle the house throughout the day. They're our feathered friends that we've watched grow up from little babies earlier this summer. It was so funny when they were young because they'd jump and hop around in the tall grasses to get the grains off the top.


10/12 - a favorite snack


10/13 - steamy lake -- the air was cold this morning but the lake is still warm.


Tina J. said...

Wow! The shot of your house at sunset looks like a beautiful piece of art! You should blow that up and frame it! Awesome. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

Your pictures make me want to quit my job and move in with you each and every week.

essjay said...

I am with Sarah - I totally was going to ask if I could come live with you!! How far away is Starbucks from you now?? I loved lincoln logs & legos when I was a kid - no barbies for me!!