Monday, October 4, 2010

Year in Pictures - Week 2


9/23 MISS! No pictures taken today


9/24 - Today it's cloudy, humid, foggy, and all around gloomy... but the leaves reflected on the lake are still pretty!


9/25 - This is what 2 cord of firewood looks like. That's 11200 lbs of wood! We worked all day to transfer it from the pile in the front yard to neatly stacked on the patio and ready for winter. I'm excited about all of the cozy nights in front of the wood stove... but kind of sad that I've lost my view on the patio.


9/26 - I can already see that one of the challenges with this project will be picking just one photo per day. Today would be one of those days. After a long, hard, busy week we took off on a Sunday drive up to Rangeley to do some leaf peeping... it was still very wet and gloomy and the views were limited. However, we did still see some amazing foliage. My favorite photo from the day was this one of my oldest son. I love that he's getting more interested in photography and is so observant. He takes some pretty good shots, too!


9/27 - I forgot to post the goodies I got from when we visited Harrisville Designs a couple weeks ago. I got this yarn in a kit to knit the Bumblebee Jacket by Vivian Hoxbro. I have been a big fan of these kits for a long time. They were on deep discount in the store so it was just meant to be.


9/28 - With my new work schedule and Tommy's new preschool schedule, the only day that we have with just each other is Tuesday. I really look forward to these days with my little man. It's odd to go from being attached at the hip 24/7 to one day a week just the two of us. Today it was another rainy gloomy day but we didn't let it dampen our spirits... in this photo we're taking a walk up our driveway.


9/29 - One of my kitchen window sills. The marigold on the right is one that Jacob brought home from school last year for Mother's Day. The tart in the warmer is 'Pumpkin Cupcake' from Yankee candle, and the house is holding Dove chocolates.

photos taken this week: 223


CelticCastOn said...

Loves these posts!
We've just got our wood piled too ready for fire season, the only thing good about the cold months :)

Tina J. said...

That's a lot of firewood! Holy crap! Are you going to try and make that your main source of heat this winter?

I couldn't just choose one pictures on one of my days this past week. So I made a mosaic on flickr and called it one picture... Sneaky, huh?

essjay said...

The fall colors are so lovely!! That is a lot of wood! We had wood stoves when I was growing up and we had hue stacks of wood in the side yard - most of which my dad had split with a chainsaw...I remember hauling wood! I love that J is getting into photography!