Friday, October 8, 2010

Year in Pictures - Week 3

15: 365

9/30 - Yet another rainy gloomy day. Today the little man sat at the table most of the afternoon making pictures while Eric and I moved furniture around.

16: 365

10/1 - Just a quick errand to run but the view was incredible. I had to pull over to take it in and get a quick snap.


10/2 - The sun was setting and making pretty shadows on the wall... this chair is where I do most of my knitting.


10/3 - Today was a gorgeous fall day. This is Horseshoe Pond in Stow, Maine. We had fun frolicking in the woods... we hiked a little, we explored deep woods back roads, we found new places to canoe. We went back roads all the way in to North Conway, NH to avoid as much traffic as possible ... our route took us up and over Hurricane Mountain -- what a fun road that is.


10/4 - Joe Booker Stew -- (beef stew with dumplings) Here I am testing the dumplings ... they weren't quite done. This stew was phenomenal. I don't know if you can call mine the traditional 'Joe Booker' because I didn't use the salt pork... but it was still great. The leftovers were even better and I put half away (sans dumplings) in the freezer, too.

10/5 - Today I sat at the kitchen table for hours seaming up my new cardigan. The pattern is October Frost by Lisa Lloyd. I was shooting to be done this week so I really pushed it and got it finished. It still needs to block, but over all I'm absolutely thrilled with the end result. FO Photos to come!


10/6 Remember last year when I had woodstove envy? Well then you can probably guess how happy we are that we have a woodstove now! Wow how far we've come in one year. I can't believe that this is the third house we've lived in since that post last year. That's two of the three huge moves we've made since February of 2009. I'm still reminded constantly about all that we've been through in such a short amount of time... I'm very eager for it to all start fading in to the background. We're working on that -- life is settling down quite a bit and for the most part we're very happy with how everything worked out... and the woodstove sure is a nice bonus!

photos taken this week: 46


Sarah said...

Every one of your photos makes me gasp at how blessed your life is. You are so cool!

Tina J. said...

Gosh, Maine is gorgeous, isn't it?! I LOVE your knitting chair and the wood stove. I want one too!!!

Susan said...

Lovely lovely photos - cozy and yummy! Haven't had dumplings in so long and now must make them! ; )

essjay said...

Your home looks so cozy & inviting - like living in the perfect place! I hope you finished seaming the sweater - I can't wait to see it all done!