Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Almost Novelty Sock Yarn

Regia Softy... Sport weight, 39% wool / 61% polyamide = pure fun. This is a very unusual sock yarn! It's almost novelty but it's super soft and since it still has some wool content, I'm game.

I originally saw this sock yarn in the latest Patternworks catalog. They have some variegated colorways of this yarn for $10 a ball... not bad, not bad. But then I looked up this yarn on Ravelry and saw that it also comes in solids which struck my fancy so I searched around online and found some at Kaleidoscope Yarns and it just happened to be on sale for $6.80 a ball. Score! I ordered these two balls of cranberry red and one ball of cream.

I'm envisioning some fun house socks for my Mom for Christmas... candy cane stripes? Now I wish I would have ordered more... I should get some boyish colors for some warm footies for my boys as well. Ooh ooh! Kids mittens... kids hats... maybe a baby sweater!? Fun stuff. Go get some!

I also want to add that I'm very pleased with Kaleidoscope Yarns. Their web site is great, they ship orders promptly and via priority mail. Big kudos to kyarns for excellent service.

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