Wednesday, October 29, 2008

my wednesday morning

A couple of my favorite bloggers have done this 'day in the life' photo project and I thought I'd participate. But I quickly had ten photos before nine o'clock this morning so I thought I'd just share my morning. Plus I have the time right now so what you see is what you get.

So my alarm goes off at 6:25. During the warmer months, I typically get up before the alarm. I absolutely love walking around my garden at the crack of dawn with a hot cup of coffee and cold dew on my feet. Love. Now though? My husband hits snooze a few times for me and snuggles up to me... doesn't exactly get me motivated to get out of bed. Shortly before 7 I roll out of bed and make it to the shower.

Since I'm getting up later, I don't have any time to myself in the mornings which I really don't like. I need my coffee before dealing with anything or anyone... and that hasn't been the case lately so I've been all screwed up.


First thing I do when I come downstairs is get the coffee going. Then I open the curtains. I about jumped out of my own skin this morning when I found this scarecrow peering in to the window when I opened the curtain. AHH! Who's the wiseguy? Oh... wait... that would be ME. I put him there yesterday to spook my guys. Didn't spook them... but it got me good. Hah!

Lets back up a minute. Before I came down today I already had my oldest son nebulizing. He's suffering from a bad case of allergy induced asthma. No other symptoms of sickness, just a horrible horrible cough that is so hard to control. I didn't have the heart to send him to school today. How can he deal with classmates and school work while coughing uncontrollably?? Even with close contact with our awesome pediatrician, we haven't really found a good solution for his asthma. Fortunately the episodes are fewer and farther between these days, so that is the silver lining. After his neb, he came down all shaky and needed to eat something... peanut butter sandwich and some juice. Now he's curled up on the couch playing his DS and watching TV.


Hubby ran out the door pretty early today. He's off to meet the electrician at one of our properties. Normally, we all sit down and eat breakfast together so today was all messed up from the get-go.


That left me and the little man for a breakfast date. We had oatmeal with cinnamon, raisins, cranberries and walnuts. Yum Yum. I usually make eggs for the family every morning, but I am so sick of eggs that I was happy to have oatmeal this morning and so was Little Man...


While enjoying breakfast, I kid you not, the laundry chute exploded. It has a magnetic closure and when it's two-stories full, gravity prevails and spills laundry all over the floor. Subtle, eh?


Two stories of laundry is usually about three loads... and I do laundry every other day. HOW do we make so much laundry? Oh waiiiitt.... did you notice that the babe wasn't wearing a bib? When will momma learn?

After finishing breakfast, I started a load of laundry and started a grocery list. Laundry and trips to the store seem to go hand in hand. I also contemplated what to make for dinner...


I've had these squash and sweet potatoes for a couple weeks now and want to use them up. I heard a great recipe for butternut squash ravioli on the Splendid Table podcast that uses them both. I'm thinking about making a big batch and freezing a bunch but I don't know how they'll hold up. Still though, I don't have the pasta sheets that I need (and I'm not making my own) so this is out for dinner tonight. I decided on enchiladas because I have everything on hand.

After this, it was time to clean the babe up... thoroughly plastered with oatmeal. Wardrobe change numero uno. Seriously, I need to get some of those old school wearable coverall bibs.

Checked on big boy who is staying calm and in control on the couch so I do not disturb. It's time to get some work done...


I set the babe up with some light reading and the latest sesame street to watch while I grab another cuppa and set up at the dining room table to work.


Today I have my weekly web design gig to do for my parents newspaper, I need to peruse newest real estate listings and do some business related correspondence. Fun stuff, folks. Well... and blogging of course, important stuff. My eye keeps wandering to my knitting and I contemplate working on my current projects:


Special Olympics charity scarf, baptism blanket for my church, cobblestone pullover for my hubby and oh... oh my new love affair... the Staghorn pullover by Lisa Lloyd. love love.

But now I have to get down to business and get my work done on the computer so I can play with my boy before lunchtime. It's supposed to warm up a bit today so we'll probably head outside. I need to pull out all of the annuals that were killed off in the hard freeze the other night and just do general cleanup. I should also bring in the pumpkins so they're warm enough to carve tonight. Beggar's night is tomorrow night here. I have no idea why it isn't on Friday night and I'm annoyed beceause tomorrow night is the night I knit with my friends. How DARE it conflict with knitting?! Har Har Har.

So there ya have it... a couple hours of my day. I'm off to switch the laundry...

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