Monday, October 6, 2008

Something in the air.

The babe and I took a long walk this morning like we do many mornings each week. The husband is off to work, big brother is off at school. It's our own quiet time to just be together and be outside.

It's still pretty warm here ... it was in the mid 60s this morning which is very comfortable walking weather. We walked and walked... the longest walk I've taken around my own neighborhood I think. We stopped at the park and played. I picked up interesting colorful leaves and bean pods along the way and the babe ooh'd and ahh'd. It was bliss.

The leaves are just starting to turn here. Each fall, there's a certain type of tree that seems to get a muskiness scent to it when the seasons are changing. It's pretty thick and can be overwhelming. It makes my throat close up a little when I smell it. But I love it. It's a smell that takes me back.

We used to live in Spearfish, SD when I was a little girl. Smelling that musky tree scent takes me back to the city park in Spearfish which is at the base of Spearfish Canyon. I remember that smell while playing in a crystal clear pool of water in the creek at the park. I can smell the trees, feel the sunshine, feel how icy cold the crystal clear water was on my legs. I was probably 8 or 9. A favorite memory.

That scent in the air just took me back to that memory in a flash and it has stuck with me all morning. I love that.

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Jane said...

Started a new one already! Welcome back!