Thursday, October 30, 2008

Clear the Crap!

We moved in to our house almost three years ago. That's the longest I've ever lived anywhere in my adult life. I'm not really used to settling down, I moved around a lot as a kid as well. I constantly feel the need to comb real estate listings and I don't really know why other than it's only logical that we move again, right? Wrong! We're HOME here. If we do move again, it's going to be back to the east coast and that's a ways off.

We closed on our house three years ago on my husband's 30th birthday. It has been a dream come true for us. I always wanted to own a home and this one really exceeded my expectations when we bought it. When we moved in, we didn't even have enough furniture for half of the house. My friends all chuckled and told me to just wait and see and we'll be amazed how fast we fill it up. Boy were they right.

After living here a while and settling down somewhat, I've noticed that I don't look around as often as I should. I'm not as on top of things as I probably should be. Stuff gets stashed. Stash gets stuffed. Now it seems like everything is just looking a little tired and we're suddenly bursting at the seams with STUFF everywhere.

It makes me feel a bit panicky to have every nook and cranny full of things. I don't know why. I want to look around and see clean, freshness, life, and NOT CLUTTER. We've accumulated so much that it is definitely time to do an overhaul. I sort of feel like packing up and moving out, just so we can move in again and everything can have its place once again. YEA... I'm not that crazy.

I am going to severely pack up a good portion of our stuff and get it the hell out of here though. I'm going to donate like crazy and just get RID of stuff. I also feel like we've acquired furniture, knick knacks and lamps and things that we really don't even love. Shouldn't we be surrounded by things we love? That's why I find smaller spaces much more manageable. Less room for things, so fill it with value and things you love... right? I need to take this approach with my own house. Maybe I'll even list some stuff on Craigslist.

YES. I'm excited. I'll set November 1 as day 1. I'm also totally getting the guys in on this project to help me clear out the crap. They equally have helped fill this house up. It'll be our little project for November before St. Nick pukes Christmas crap all over our house... that's another project all together!

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