Saturday, May 2, 2009

All together now "ahhhhhhhhh"

Spring is here! It's so great! My heart bursts every day with all of the spring going on around me. We left the window open last night and it was so nice having a cool breeze come in... then this morning the birds woke me up before dawn! They didn't win though, I drifted back off to sleep for a couple hours.

After a slow start to the day, we went down to the first Farmer's Market here in town today and it was so cute! SO SMALL in comparison to Des Moines but it is early in the season. Still though -- I made friends (!!), I bought this beautiful hanging basket of flowers, handmade soap, and a clay magnet. Fun!
Afterward we went down to Portland and met Eric for lunch. Then we headed down to the Head Light for a walk. THEN we were heading back in to SoPo and I happened to drive by a yarn store! Of course I had to stop. It was The Stitching Mantis. I got some Opal sock yarn in the Dumbledore colorway. So after that we headed back out to Cape Elizabeth. Drove down to the lighthouse past Two Lights and I just parked and knit for about a half hour while the big boy played DS and the babe napped. So nice! I listened to a funny gossipy convo. between to men throwing the football on the beach. Srsly... all they think about is you know what!

So after THAT we wandered home over the river and through the woods so to speak and it's so delightful outside right now. The trees are all leaf'd out. The windows are open. The deck is beckoning (that and the babe nagging me to go out). That late-afternoon into evening warm sunshine is awesome. We're going to just hang out tonight and relax. Tomorrow morning we're headed out to go hiking and who knows what else!

Seriously people. I'm starting to LOVE IT here! It's just a huge playground. Ahhh.... Yay!

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DiscKnits said...

Yay spring! We spent all weekend doing yard work (I KNOW!! SHOCK!!). You can't tell, but it's true.

Also, love the new blog look!