Monday, May 4, 2009

walk with me...

We used to take some fantastic walks around Des Moines... the trail system through town is fantastic and the metro really has it together to keep them in pretty decent shape. That has been something I was truly going to miss. However, I think I am starting to fill in the gaps. Today was no exception because we took a fantastic walk.

This morning started out sunny and CHILLY in the house. It is that time of year when there is really no point to turn on the heat... it's comfortable in the house most of the time. However, when I leave all the windows open at night (whoops), it can be quite cold in the mornings... so we bundle up while we watch cartoons...

My Grama crocheted this afghan for us for a wedding present. Big Love.

After we got going on the day, we headed down to Portland. I needed new running shoes so we went to the Maine Running Co. where I had a foot analysis done and was outfitted with the perfect shoes (yay!) I also checked out their BOB jogging stroller and loved it but just.couldn't.part with the $350 for it. All of the sudden my stroller doesn't seem too bad. ;) After that we went to EMS where they fixed our kid carrier. YAY! This was great because we use it all the time. The sternum strap had broken and we'd just been using a d-ring belt. I was really thrilled with their willingness to help me fix it despite that I didn't buy it there.

After THAT... EMS just happens to be around the corner from Whole Foods, and it was getting close to lunchtime. SO...

I threw together a picnic lunch -- nutty cookies, mango salsa and blue corn chips and pizza. Way too much food, we ate less than half but it was yummy and will be dinner, too!

"look! wow! boat! choo choo! fwane!"

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