Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Heart 6-ply Sock Yarn

On-Line Supersocke 6-Ply "Relax"

It's no secret, I LOVE to knit socks. I knit fancy socks for sport... I love sock patterns. I love squooshy fancy unique sock yarns. I love everything socks. I just do. But when it comes down to knitting socks for function -- warm, hard- and long-wearing, and soft... my true and basic love is for 6-ply sock yarns. Not to mention my husband wears size 13 shoe and if he gets handknit socks, it's got to be 6-ply.

6-ply sock yarn is typically DK weight. I knit it up on size 3 needles. 3's feel like giant sock knitting needles to me. Knitting up 6-ply socks on size 3 needles also means that they're a speedy knit (I started this one last night).

I have one pair of 6ply socks for myself and truthfully, they're the first pair I reach for when my feet are cold or need comforting. I think BMFA STR Mediumweight would also be considered DK weight sock yarn and therefore it jumps in to that uber-functional and warm category.

The sock pictured above is knit with a yarn that is new to me and I am in love ... crushing so hard that it inspired this blog entry. I found it at Seaport Yarn yesterday when I was on a walk in downtown Portland. These will be for my husband. Fortunately, they had a shelf full of other colorways... I'll definitely be getting more!

Online Supersocke "Relax" has a blend of Aloe and Jojoba in it (ala Austermann Step). I have always sort of rolled my eyes at this concept of hand-soothing goodness blended in with the yarn but it is the real deal. It's hard to describe... the yarn... and the sock is just softer. I'm curious to see how it will feel after the socks are washed.

My tried and true stand-by is Opal 6-ply. My husband has a few pairs, and my brother, too. It's the only other 6ply sock yarn I've used other than the STR Mediumweight. I'd love to knit up more of this Online Supersocke, I've also been eyeing the Regia Kaffe Fasset... other than these, I'm not aware of many other self-striping 6ply sock yarns. If you have any others in mind, please let me know. ...and wouldn't it be great if Trekking made a DK weight?

So here I am having a quick affair with my lovely 6-ply sock yarn while a nearly completed sweater is languishing not far away. It'd be lovely to wear to the NH Sheep and Wool Festival on Saturday. But there it sits. I'll have to break away from my sock affair long enough to finish this baby off. All that is left is a half inch on one of the 6" sleeves, plus the other, and the button band which I'm feeling undecided about. I've flown through this project, so it is definitely worth keeping up the momentum and finish it.

Then I think I might just have a summer-long affair with 6ply sock yarns. Ooh la la!

ETA: I remembered that I have another pair of DK weight socks that I knit up ages ago... I used Strapaz Ringel Color that I bought at Three Oaks in Cedar Falls, Iowa. I've never found this yarn again in a store, however, I just found it on the Seaport Yarn web site! I love these socks and they're still one of my favorite pairs even after years of wear and wash. I'm so happy to see that it is available locally.


TD wool design said...

i still have one sock to go. my first pair. but it is like the one you are working on now. a bit thicker. my feet are always cold! :) glad you are finding some good yarn shops.

Golden Years Gal said...

Love your sweater. What pattern is that? So pretty. Looks like for a child. What size is the pattern for?
My Mother, 85, is knitting the same sock yarn. Must be a popular one. They look so nice.

Karen said...

I love DK weight sock yarn too. I have a few pair of STR in the medium weight and I wore them as much as possible this past winter.