Sunday, December 6, 2009

First Snow

Almost on cue, we got our first measurable snow here in Maine last night. It is as magical as you might guess. I couldn't wait to get outside and just take a couple photos this morning. Nothing is prettier than snow on the trees before it shakes off in the breeze. Soo... in my nightgown, bathrobe, knitted hat (of course) and my son's snow boots, I tromped around our new house and snapped some quick photos. Might as well let my new neighbors know early on that I'm crazy! I can't wait until later when we can get out and see a wider view of the snowfall on the hills.

not sure why this photo didn't rotate... i edited it to do so.
oh well. i kind of like it like this so i'm going to leave it.

happy snow!


Knittripps said...

Still waiting for our first measurable snow in the DM Metro. We've had flurries but that is it. Very pretty pictures!

L said...

I concur with Knittripps. No "real" snow here in Eastern Iowa, but sounds like soon. Looks like the prettiest kind of snow. Great pics.

IowaKnitter said...

Love the sunrise on the icicles! We got our snow last night, with more to come tonight and tomorrow.

essjay said...

Lovely photos! We don't have icicles yet so there isn't anything special to take pictures of on our first snow. Wednesday I'll post pictures of the blizzard conditions! Enjoy the lovely surroundings!

Cornfed Princess said...

I love wandering around in my jammies under my coat. I think with my hood up no one knows it's me! :)