Monday, December 21, 2009

Sock Innovation KAL

Wow, it's been a while since I actually posted about my knitting! I thought I'd chronicle a few of my most recent projects...

I participated in the Sock Innovation KAL on Ravelry (link) during the month of October. The two patterns that were chosen for November were Monkey (link) and Eunice (link).

I've knit half a dozen pairs of Monkey socks. I can pretty much knit the pattern from memory now. It is definitely one of my absolute favorite sock patterns. I like it because the length of the pattern repeat isn't too short or too long. I can usually get through one repeat in one sitting. That makes them move along pretty quickly. I also love the mixed knits and purls texture. It makes for extra comfy socks.

My most recent pair of Monkeys are knit with Dream in Color Smooshy - Ruby River colorway. I used 2.25mm needles. (Ravelry Link)

The other pattern that was chosen for the KAL was Eunice. (Ravelry Link) I was excited to knit these because it's a pattern that I haven't knit before and it was pretty challenging, too. For these I used Foxfire Fibers Fox Sox sock yarn in the Sweet Potato colorway. I bought this yarn at the New Hampshire Sheep & Wool festival this past spring. The yarn itself is a quite scratchy, even after washing. That scratchiness just translates to 'rustic' in my mind... and it was still pleasant to knit with.

I loved knitting these socks. I added a pattern repeat to the leg. I love how the pattern continues down on to the back of the heel and how Cookie always incorporates the ribbing at the top of the leg to flow in to the pattern so nicely. She truly thinks out her patterns so thoroughly that no detail is spared.... even still though, make sure you follow the errata on this pattern.

So I really enjoyed participating in the Sock Innovation KAL during the month of October. The icing on the cake is that since I posted a picture of my finished socks, I was entered in to a drawing for a prize. I won a gorgeous skein of teal blue sock yarn from Violet Green. How lucky!


Laure said...

What pattern would you suggest for someone attempting to knit their first pair of socks?

essjay said...

Two pairs of socks AND free yarn? Sounds like a win! Both pair are just beautiful! Maybe I need to join the fun and knit a pair of Monkeys?

Sigrun said...

I love the socks. Got a lot of other people's knitting on my agenda for right after the holidays, then maybe I can finally get into the Sock Innnovations book and make something for me.

Knittripps said...

Happy Holidays!

Nice monkeys. I am thinking about starting a pair (finally).