Sunday, December 27, 2009

Time to Clean it Up!

Every year I get the overwhelming urge to take down all of the Christmas decorations on the morning of the 26th. Usually I do and have the house back to normal by 10 AM.

This year I decided that I'd relax a little bit and let the decorations stay up a little longer.

It's the 27th and I've got the twitch. It's all coming down today. LOL The tree is getting crispy and the decorations are starting to gather dust. It's time.

I do always feel like it's sort of a shame though, so for next year I'm going to leave myself this note...

I've always wanted to put up the tree closer to Christmas... even Christmas Eve. We don't really have any traditions yet for Christmas Eve... it'd be nice to do it then. The anticipation would be fun. We could have more focus on Advent and Winter Solstice before the Christmas frenzy begins.

Winter Solstice doesn't even come until a few days before Christmas. Fall always gets preempted by snow so it immediately feels like winter and Christmas even though the calendar and the moon phases don't agree. I'd be nice to truly keep celebrating fall and truly enjoy the longest night and observe Winter Solstice.

Then we can put the tree up on Christmas Eve and leave it up until Three Kings Day.

It seems like that would correct the timing of it all. We simply don't need to decorate so early.

PS. Knit this tree skirt!


Webbies said...

I knit the stockings a few years ago that match that tree that our family has expanded, I need more stockings...and probably the tree skirt too!

L said...

As I look around my house, the only remaining image of Christmas are the Christmas cards we've received. Everything else has been packed up and put away. However, I do not put up the Mardi Gras decorations until the 6th...

essjay said...

My stuff was packed up Sunday morning by 9AM. Usually I wait until the weekend of New Years but not this year....I guess the Christmas spirit vacated my house quickly this year!

Rita said...

Liz I love the tree skirt. Let me know if you need yarn from Hobby Lobby and I will send it your way!

When my dad was young they never put up their decorations until the 24th...I assumed it had something to do with a real tree but I am not sure why.