Tuesday, December 29, 2009

For Sara

What are the chances we'd have the same 32 year old ornament?? Maybe it isn't as rare as I think, but it still gave me a thrill to see this exact ornament on your blog this morning. I had to dig mine out of the ornament box to show you. :) Now it will mean a just a little more to me knowing that a good friend of mine has the exact same ornament and it means so much to you, too.


essjay said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????? I guess our parents had great taste - two wonderful girls born 9 days apart in 1977. It does make the ornament that much more special to me now and you made me tear up for taking the time to post this! <3

Stacia said...

What a cool coincidence!

Laure said...

Aww... that's awesome! :)