Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chazzie is my little brother...

We had a whirlwind Thanksgiving get-outta-town trip to my parents house three hours northeast of here. We hadn't been up to see them in months... I was missing them pretty fiercely. I craved my Dad's phenomenal grilled turkey, and my Mom's mashed taters and pecan pie. Comfort food... but elevated because it was prepared by my parents. It was great to see them. Also great to see my baby brother Chaz who is not so baby any more... he's 16 now and a junior in high school. He also towers over his big sister. He's a star soccer player, a bass singer in the school choir, the lead in the school play, the pizza jockey at Joe's, he's The Dude. So cool. Joe cool. He's always reminded me of Linus from Charlie Brown. Just a little mussed, but so wise and sweet and kind. He even toted around a baby blue blankey until ahem... not that long ago really. I keep meaning to make him a grownup blankey... a more suitable dusty blue squooshy soft afghan seems to be in order, don't you think? Yes, if it isn't obvious, I adore my baby brother Chaz. It's just the two of us... yes... 14 years apart. Our relationship is one of a kind. I can't wait until he's a grown-up and he has a family of his own. I'll be one doting Auntie, that's for sure.

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