Sunday, November 2, 2008

malabrigo sock

Did you see that Webs has Malabrigo Sock available for pre-order? Also, The Loopy Ewe will be stocking it on their web site next week. So are you going to order some? I thought I'd freak and order some but then last week I went through my stash... holy cow I have a lot of sock yarn. Do I need the next latest and greatest? Nah. But if I did order some... I think I'd order the natural color. I bet it's so soft and squooshy. It always seems to me that undyed yarn is extra soft, too. I'd probably knit the Chalet socks or maybe New England socks both from Nancy Bush.

Tonight I'm playing with Tess' Designer Yarns 'supersocks and baby' in a beautiful variegated red from my stash... I'm thinking about casting on for the New England socks using that. I also want to cast on another pair of Broadripples using some of the Sophie's Toes yarn I stashed a while back. Ahh... sockalicious.

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