Friday, November 14, 2008

A toast to Knit Night.

Thursday night finally arrives ... it's been a long, full week. Like so many others, we're feeling the pressure in our own circumstances. That's life. But this week it's been compounding and I really needed Thursday knit night with my friends.

I leave about 20 minutes before our set time. It's the height of evening chaos in my house. Dinnertime is usually still in progress, bathtime, homework, it's all happening. It's strange each week to just walk out of that scene on Thursday nights.

I grab my knitting, coat, keys, a couple bucks for a soda. Kiss my boys goodbye and shut the door behind me. Leaving the warmth and energy and attitudes for Daddy to deal with for one night. I get in my rockin' minivan and crank up my music. Pull out and glide down the street. Last night it was raining and I was struck by how sparkly and pretty the street lights, car lights looked in the rain. Blurry. Number 10 on Coldplay's latest CD was playing and I started to get a lump in my throat.

Sitting at the stoplight waiting to turn left felt like it took 10 minutes. I had such a rush of emotion. Blurry car lights in the shiny black rain. Memories of our family vacation to New England flash. The pressure of this week comes crushing down and in a split moment I CRY. I smile. I laugh. It all comes flooding out just as Number 10 on the CD mounts. I turn left finally and cruise down Hickman. The tempo picks up and before I hit the next stoplight I'm done crying. I'm thinking forward to my friends at the cafe. How I dearly need to see them. How I do every week and have for four years. I need them. It's not just about the knitting. It's about our sisterhood. It's about our knitting family.

I pull in to the parking spot at the grocery store. I park in the back of the lot... farthest from the door. Get out, put my hood up to protect myself from the rain. Make sure my knitting bag is closed tight so my wooly wonders don't get wet. I'm struck by how warm it feels out despite the cold rain. A quick walk in to the store and I have a bounce in my step in anticipation of seeing the familiar faces of my knitting friends.

There they are. Ahh. I settle in and settle down. All is right in the universe again. Small talk. Smiles. Laughter. Stories. Woes. Wonderment. New patterns. New Yarns. New projects. New friends. Old friends. Dear friends. I love this. I love them. I love it. I hope you all know how important you are to me. I hope you all know what a special thing we have. Thanks for that. :)


Antoinette said...

Dying to know which coldplay CD you have. They have quite a few songs that make me cry!

I wish I could make it on Thursday night. I need to try to be more active in the group.

that was a lovely post.

MamaLizKnits said...

Antoinette -- Number 10 is 'Death and All His Friends' on Viva la Vida. Coldplay is great... their CDs are sort of the soundtrack of my life to me.

Janis said...

I haven't managed to make it to Thursday nights. It always seems like something comes up. I'll try harder to get there next time I'm in town!

essjay said...

It amazes me that even though I've only been in DM Metro Knitters for about a year that every single week I look forward to Thursdays. It is amazing how just 2 hours once a week can really make you feel. If I have to miss I get cranky; if I'm cranky before knitting on Thursdays I ALWAYS leave feeling so much better. Such a wonderful group of women that I'm so proud to consider my friends!

Anonymous said...

I used to live for my weekly knitting night when the kids were younger. Nights are easier at home now, but I sure do miss getting out to knit! Lovely post, Liz.