Monday, November 3, 2008

Indian Summer

It's 74 degrees outside. The sun is shining. The breeze is causing a blizzard of golden leaves. It's a magical kind of day. The extended forecast is predicting flurries for later this week. Crazy and typical weather for this time of year. But for today I have my windows open and I'm enjoying the sound of the squirrels playing in the leaves and the breeze blowing my wind chimes. So nice.

The babe is down for a nap and is not yet asleep... he's talking to the walls and playing. This is great because it usually buys me a few more minutes before he actually goes to sleep. Nice! I'm going through photos to upload to work on our annual scrapbook. I'm also contemplating some custom calendars and some holiday cards. Snapfish has such fun photo projects.

So tomorrow is the big day! The day we go to vote. I'm excited and eager. I'm also hoping that the lines aren't too long... I'll probably go after the school and work day has begun in hopes that I'll make it through faster since I'll have the babe in tow. Vote Vote Vote Vote!

Yesterday we spent the entire day outside. We divided a whole bunch of our perennials and also planted 100 tulip and daffodill bulbs along with some allium and some speical lily bulbs that my husband dug up at another property. I'm excited to see all of these bulbs come up in the spring. It should be quite the show!

Last night I made chicken, twiced baked potatoes and broccoli for dinner. It was definitely another failed chicken attempt as of late. I am not preparing it any differently. I prep it and clean it good. But it just tastes horrid! Has anyone else had this problem? I was so furious after spending time and money on making yet another failed chicken dinner that I've sworn it off for a good long while to come. It just tasted off... it just wasn't good.

I'm off to knit for a while. I know I have two sweaters to knit but I'm trying to get another pair of socks on the needles. Now I'm thinking feather and fan with my tess' designer red sock yarn.

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