Thursday, November 6, 2008

yes, this really is just a post about the weather.

The only thing that has been consistent about our weather in the last few days is that it has sucked for the most part. I will acknowledge that before all this wonky weather we were spoiled with beautiful Indian summer conditions.

But now, mother nature keeps changing things up on us... sun, rain, sun, hail, sun, wind, cold, rain, thunder, severe storm, sun, rain, and soon we're expecting to see the snow flurries roll in. I have to admit it's kind of exciting in an odd way. The dramatic sky with white puffy snowclouds and dark gray storms off in the distance make a great backdrop for the last few fall leaves on the trees.

Weather is in the forefront of the minds of Iowans pretty much all the time. I can't imagine living in a climate where things stayed the same all the time. Like when we were in Hawaii... it never changed. Of course, it was always great so that was a bonus but it got to be kind of boring. The local TV weatherman didn't get much action on the newscast. What a difference from here where our weather folks lead off the news pretty often.

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