Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Best Day

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We go on some amazing adventures here in New England. Many many Sundays I come home and think that 'today was the best day.' Then every week, the next Sunday tops the last. Today was no exception!

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Today we headed in to the mountains like we do almost every weekend... we drove through White Mountain National Forest and then around to Crawford Notch State Park. We did a lot of hiking and leaf peeping and it was incredible. The views were amazing! Overwhelming! I was once again moved to tears. It's truly a sight to behold. We just feel so lucky to be here for this. Like we're witnessing what fall is really meant to be... this is it, folks.

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The views were best accessed by car and pulling off on the scenic overlooks along the way, but the most amazing part of the day was the hike... the woods have completely changed with the beginning of a fresh blanket of fallen leaves. The forest floor was very damp today and the air was thick with the sweet smell of fall leaves mixed with fir and pine. That smell was my favorite part of the day. All along the hike we kept coming across moose tracks!! Then trees with the bark worn off where moose had scraped their horns. How cool! We just had so much fun.

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Thea said...

I love that part of NH - it really is gorgeous. Although every time we're in there, I'm convinced I'll see a bear and have to run for my life. Never happens, but I'm always sure it will.....

essjay said...

Such gorgeous photos! Again, they make me miss New England so much! Our colors are starting to change here but will never ever be as lovely as New England colors. I'm glad you are still getting out and adventuring and sharing the experiences with us!

Anonymous said...

Now I miss New England! Nothing beats the fall up there. Enjoy every second of the colors for me.