Friday, October 2, 2009

Socktoberfest = cure for sweater angst.

I have lots of pent up sweater angst. In fact, I'm staunchly anti-sweater right now. I'm 0 for 3 lately. Sure, the sven sveater was cute on my toddler son, hmm? I thought he liked it, but since then he refuses to wear it. He promptly takes it off as soon as its on.

I also recently knit a top-down sweater for my oldest son and while he likes it... it's already too small. Srsly. How can he be growing so fast? He is growing SO fast! I am designating store-bought for him until he's 25. Either that or I need to start knitting him teenaged size sweaters now.

Thirdly -- I started a top-down cowl-neck sweater for myself. I used BMFA Twisted in a heavily dark variegated colorway. I didn't alternate balls of yarn when knitting... it wasn't pooling at all until I switched balls. Then it still wasn't pooling but it sort of had a different rhythm ... it just looked different and wrong. BLARGH! I knew better.

I could have frogged and started over but I was 2/3 of the way down the front and just lost all steam. So I frogged, rewound nicely and promptly destashed it on Ravelry -- score for recouping some of my money. That yarn isn't cheap!

Plus, I mean here is the thing.... I would try on probably 15 sweaters in a store before picking one that I really truly liked. What are the chances I'm actually going to knit a sweater that I love right off the bat? Slim to none! I don't want to spend my free time with those odds for a good long time.

I'm swearing off sweaters for the time being. I'm totally OK with that, too! I don't have to knit sweaters to be a 'bonafide knitter.' It's about having fun with my hobby. So there. :)


essjay said...

I see nothing wrong with swearing off sweaters! I started a lace shawl many months ago and have gone on farther than 5 inches. I think I've discovered I might not like complicated lace. I love the way it looks, I just don't enjoy knitting it. I'm going to frog the shawl and just see where I go. You are right - as long as we are knitting why does it matter what we are knitting?

Knittripps said...

I am good for one sweater for sure each year (always for my husband). I'd like to commit to more than that but it takes me too long. Usually I develop staritus and it ends with stash enhancement and no sweater.