Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fleeting Fall

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Now don't get too worked up... fall isn't over yet... but it is quickly coming to an end up in the hills. This photo was taken on the way to Oquossoc north of Byron on Route 17. Fall can quickly change around every bend in Maine. In fact, it's really just getting ramped up along the coastline... but far up in the hills it's been full force for weeks. Supposedly the Rangeley area is supposed to be at peak foliage this weekend but I can say that it has passed.

I'm sure you can tell by our photos that we've spent most of our time up in the hills lost in the woods lately. When we moved to Maine from Iowa, initially I was excited about being near the ocean again. (we used to live in Connecticut) I knew the mountains were there, too, and had spent a little bit of time there but really it was all about the sea for me. The mountains were just sort of a side bonus.

But now that we've lived here for a while, it's the mountains that call to me. They are just so magical. The lakes, the woods, the majesty of it all. There also tends to be a lot fewer people in the woods than on the beach. It's easy to just disappear in to the silence in the woods. I don't know what it is now that I'm typing it out... but it is where we most feel 'at home.' That said, we'll probably be shifting our focus to the ocean and further south for the rest of the season... and I'm sure I'll feel 'most at home' there, too. Haha.

I have many more fun and much more colorful photos to share from our weekend, but this one really caught my eye. More to come!

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