Saturday, September 12, 2009

Let's Talk Knitty!

Knitty Fall 2009 hit the web yesterday and there are a few designs that I'm excited about...

1 Across Beanie is really great. It's my number one favorite design from this issue. I love it because it's quirky and because I have two crossword puzzle crazed people in my life... my 10 year old son and my Mom. I think I'll knit each of them this one. I also love geometric, black & white designs... so I might knit another for me, too. / Ravelry Link

Bel is a very unique design! I've been looking for a sweater/vest thing for a while and this one is one that I would love to knit. I love the unique construction and how the tone-on-tone variegated yarn stripes vertically. I've had my eye on some Madeline Tosh worsted in the Ginger colorway for quite a while. Every time I'm in Purl Diva it catches my eye. I think this pattern would be a great match for the yarn. / Ravelry Link

Girl Friday has such a great lacy texture. I love when lace designs incorporate a little bit of garter stitch. It sort of reminds me of the infamous Monkey socks. The combo of garter + lace equals a great funky texture without being too formal.

As much as I would love to cast this one on immediately, I'm hesitant due to my own gauge issues with lace patterns... if I knit this one I'll have to swatch properly and pre-wash it just to make sure it doesn't grow too much. / Ravelry Link

Margot looks like a great twist on a top-down pattern... simple elements... eyelets on the raglan seams, thick garter stitch bands. I also love that it's knit with sport weight yarn. I don't have any sport weight sweaters that I've knit for myself, but several finer gauge commercial sweaters that are my favorites. / Ravelry Link

Colonnade is my kind of shawl. It's knit at a large gauge, looks super quick, and is strikingly beautiful. I could see wearing it like it's styled in the photo or over a basic black knit shirt. It's not a shawl that needs a special occasion to be worn. I would wear this all the time... getting groceries... going to knit night. I think this might be the first thing I cast on.

This style of triangular shawl seems to be all the rage right now and I think this one fits the bill for the colder months when we need something a bit more substantial.

I try not to get hung up on using the yarn that the pattern calls for... who can resist Manos del Uruguay? LOVE! / Ravelry Link

So there you have it... my faves. What are yours?

WAY TO GO Knitty! More amazing and UNIQUE patterns for us to love for years to come.

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Knittripps said...

I certainly can't resist manos. I will be knitting a colonnade for myself.