Friday, September 4, 2009

September Update

My son got off to school without a hitch this week. Hooray! He loves his new teacher, he loves his class. Life is good. Lets hope this giddy honey-moony feeling lasts a while.

Despite that we've been trying to figure out where to buy a house, we've decided to just settle in for a while and let life just unfold here. We all need a little stability. What does this mean? That I can go sign the boy up for swimming lessons without having to worry if we'll be here in November or not. Ha!

Things have been in limbo like this all summer. Will we buy a house? or not? Honestly, we came really (really really) close on two occasions. Then we had a long bout of "let's move back" and THEN, the school year started. That throws a curve ball in everything. We've already uprooted the boy during the last school year and it was HARD on all of us. We are in no hurry to do that again.

I do have to say that through this whole experience of moving to Maine, I've become gunshy when it comes to making big decisions. They stress me out bad now. I used to be a 'GO FOR IT' gal pretty much all the time. Then this huge move really shook us and our family core. Now, mmm.... not so much.

Who KNOWS what the future holds. We're still in a holding pattern here. But for now, we're HERE, we're going to settle in even though this isn't where we want to be down the road. We simply must. What is it going to hurt to go out and make some connections, some friends, seek out some community right here where we are. Bloom where you're planted, right?

For now, we're really enjoying the weather... and the start of fall. I love love fall but its bittersweet knowing what comes after. Winter has become so annoying as I've gotten older. I used to enjoy it. Who knows... it seems like there is a lot more winter recreation out here than in the midwest, so maybe our attitudes towards winter will change.

But it's not the recreation that is the issue, it's the every day. The schlepping everyone's snow gear on. The darkness. Just the added difficulty.

ANYWAY -- lets stop thinking about winter and move back to glorious fall. The leaves are really starting to change up here. Pockets of bright reds everywhere! I'm going to try to get some photos this weekend.

Apple Picking season opens this weekend as well. We're very excited to go pick some apples ... and donuts. haha.

This also seems to be the big fair season here. Everyone's county fairs are starting up. How nice to go to these fairs in FALL weather and not blazing hot summer weather. We definitely want to check out the Common Ground county fair, the Cumberland county fair and the Fryeburg fair. The locals say that they are the big ones.

The Common Ground county fair is the one I'm most excited about. It has a special edge because it's put on by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association.
MOFGA celebrated its 32nd Common Ground Country Fair on September 19, 20 & 21, 2008, in Unity, Maine. 59,000 people took part in our annual celebration of rural living. Mark your calendars for the 2009 Fair on September 25, 26 & 27!
The Fair allows fairgoers to make connections with a rapidly expanding base of organic farms in the state of Maine. Hundreds of vendors, exhibitors and demonstrators, more than 1,000 volunteers, and tens of thousands of fairgoers will gather to: share knowledge about sustainable living; eat delicious, organic, Maine-grown food; buy and sell beautiful Maine crafts and useful agricultural products; compete in various activities; dance; sing and have a great time.
I'm down with that!

I also have some yarny ventures planned for this fall. The big one is the New York Sheep and Wool Festival. Our hotel room is booked and time off is requested... it's going to be a family affair. Surprisingly, the guys are pretty excited about it, too, after browsing the web site. I think there is also a gem show going on nearby and maybe an auto or plane show? It'll be a fun weekend.

I also want to make a daytrip to Harrisville, NH this fall. That is where Harrisville Yarns are from, and it's also one of the few remaining mill towns in the USA. They offer tours and of course have a shop so that will be fun.

As far as the boys go... they have plans for more camping, for more gold panning, and for cub scout stuff, too. It's surely going to be a fun and busy fall! Enough babble from me. In the next post? ACTUAL KNITTING CONTENT... it's been a long time.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have the right attitude about blooming where you are planting and being in the moment! : ) I've been enjoying reading about your adventures in Maine! Glad the back to school is going well! Hey, love your banner up there! Enjoy your weekend, Liz!

Carol @ Pure Sugar said...

Liz, shoot me an e-mail when you have a second! Since you're bringing the whole family, would you all like to come over to our house for dinner while you're down here? We could even just order pizzas or something easy. I am sure my boys would *love* playing with your guys (and Drew would enjoy talking to your husband,I'm sure). If you're up for it :-) The gem & mineral show is adjacent to Sheep & Wool (in one of the buildings). Jake loves it!

Margie said...

I know all about making the best about where you are. We are lucky in that we like it here... except for how the county does the schools... that's very aggravating. But you have to bloom. You have to enjoy. I think about you often, since we have had alot of similarities.