Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lusekofte-sque Mitts

Lusekofte-sque Mitts / Ravelry Link

As soon as I saw these come up on Ravelry, I had to make them. I used buttery soft Blue Sky Alpaca Sportweight just like the pattern called for. I've always wanted to use this yarn for mitts and I thought the colorwork was perfect for adding some structure so they didn't lose their shape the way alpaca tends to do.

I also LOVED the hemmed edges which adds extra weight and even more structure to the mitts. (the mitt on the left in the photo below is inside out) Plus, the lining covers up the colorwork stranding at the top and bottom of the mitt which eliminates the possibility of snagging it when you're putting the mitts on.

The cuff was easy to do... cast on and knit 15 rows, then purl a row work 15 more rounds of the colorwork pattern, then knit the cast on row together with the next row. The top, however, was a challenge for me. I hadn't ever worked a hemmed edge backwards before. When I bound off, the edge was super curly -- I solved that problem by just blocking it before I sewed the edge down. Then, I just put the mitt on inside out, folded the lining down and seamed it right where it landed while wearing it on my hand. It was probably the correct row, but it was unscientific and just intuitive... and I love the result.

I will definitely be making more of these. I think you should make some, too!

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