Sunday, September 13, 2009

Today we went to the top of the world...

... or the Height of the Land to be exact.
Please, click on this photo to enlarge
deep breath .... exhale,
then SMILE!

Fall has definitely arrived in the Rangeley Lakes area.
Click this photo to enlarge and see the cascade of orange foliage down the mountain side.
You won't be sorry!

We had so much fun frolicking through the woods today. We went all around Mt. Blue State Park again... got lost for miles and miles on gravel roads, thoroughly enjoying the absolute quiet and dense canopy of trees.

We emerged from the woods by Coos Canyon. I couldn't be that close to the Rangeley Lakes area without heading north for just a bit and boy am I glad I did because that is when the foliage really started to change.

Today was nothing out of the ordinary for us... we never tire of our exploring. We do this constantly. We will never tire of it. It fills up my soul with goodness.

I have a ton of photos I could share and I will one by one this week... for now I'm just going to go knit and prolong the high of the day. Ahhh...


Jane said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! We use to hike for miles too...we need to do it more. Have a good week Liz.

essjay said...

Lovely photos! I always love seeing & hearing about your adventures!