Saturday, September 5, 2009

now with more knitting!

I'd describe my knitting habit lately as aimless. Little focus. Little direction. Fickle. Frogariffic. It's time for my knitting to find a happy place again.

I did finish these three lovely pairs of socks recently so that is a bonus. I'm trying to follow through on my knitting. I frog SO MUCH. If I actually stuck it out and finished 50% of what I started, wow, I'd have a lot more FOs to speak of. It's not that these frogged projects were going bad, or didn't work, or the sizing was wrong... I just got bored or on a whim, decided to yank the needles.

I have several WIPs on my needles right now... a beret, two sweaters for the boys, two pairs of socks, a lace shawl, a giftee, and a lace cowl. Holy WIPs knitwoman!

The good news is that I'm about 75% done with most of them. All except the lace shawl which I think might take me eight years to knit. But it's fabulous so I'll live with that.

I want to finish up my WIPs over the next couple of weeks and then move on to something larger. I have a pullover in mind for myself, actually. I'm going to use Blue Moon Fiber Arts Twisted in the Pucks Mischief colorway and knit myself a top-down cowl neck sweater. It'll be warm, just slightly funky in style, and off the hook with color. Perfect!

So, at least I have three pairs of socks to show you. They were all fun to knit and will enhance my sock drawer nicely (ok, lets face it, the sock drawer already overfloweth... and then some).

Very soon I'll have some more fun FOs to share with you, until then I'd better get to it.


Knittripps said...

Nice work! I have a lace shawl and a sweater for my husband on my needles. I'm thinking it's time to cast on for a new pair of socks to break things up a bit.

DiscKnits said...

I, too have tons of WIPs that are crying out for attention, but I am being lured by the guiles of socks and sweaters and such.

Tell you what--let's make it a WIP September (okay, maybe into October) together!